Syslogics provides consultant expertese for system development of everything from embedded systems in avionics equipment, telecommunication systems, analogue and digital RF systems to software based systems. Our speciality is within the avionics development with particular good knowledge for system safety, know-how of complex system development, electronic warfare systems, simulators for complex products, mission management systems for avionics applications.

Project Management

Syslogics provides project management with the best of knowledge on how to turn a project into a success story, with deep know-how of the key factors that is needed in any project. Traditional project management is provided as well as technical project management well suitable for bigger and more complex projects.

System Development

Our unique background in system development of avionics system provides a comprehensive understanding of system development and the key factors to follow for each unique project. Our consultants has used many of the traditional methods, functional development, waterfall method, iterative methods and so forth to provide the best solution for your project.

Software Development

The importance of interactions between the system development and software design is well understood as well as the right level of software regression test. We have years of practice with agile methodology such as scrum and provide this to your project.